Varendra Research Museum

Mar 26, 2018

Varendra Museum Rajshahi is the greatest museum with amazing collection of old and ancient monuments. It is also known as Varendra Research Museum. A visitor can plunge into historical events. It is great source of learning and revisiting old national brilliance. It is measured as the first and oldest museum in East Bengal. It was founded in 1910 by Lord Carmichael. It was built with the support of Maharaja of Dighapatia. At present it is maintained by Rajshahi University of Bangladesh.

Varendra Museum is a museum and popular visitor attraction at the heart of Rajshahi town. It is also a research centre. The museum was started out as the collection for Varendra Investigation Society.  Kumar Sarat Kumar Ray was the founder of this Society.

Kumar and his associates organized a number of examining tours to numerous sites in the districts of Rajshahi, Bogra, Rangpur, Dhaka etc. These tours verified very rewarding and a heartening number of ruins were discovered, recognized and collected. On that time they collected sculptures, manuscripts, coins, epigraphs and other objects of antiquarian. For this activity it has got its current name Varendra Research Museum in 1919.

There are three main structures were found in the existing site. The front site of the Museum structured as load-bearing brick wall. This rectangular building has two major parts as Administration and Library. There is a Residential slab for officers and staff. This place is facilitated with a limited number of wardens and the director. There are large old trees and a garden spotted among the entire site in front of the director’s residence. The century-old museum orders renovation and the existing gallery space are not adequate to preserve and display all the artifacts. There are also an Archaeological sites were found recently.

Varendra Museum Rajshahi is a heritage site of Bangladesh and has a historical importance. It service as the standing tribute to their good acts for the defense of our cultural heritage and promotion of learning. It has been playing dominating parts in collecting the artifacts from every corner of the country up till now.

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